Page 25 Clara III

You materialize in some sort of cockpit.

A female voice says, "Welcome back Azrael. Shall I initiate drive preparation sequences?"

Tell the voice "no". Whatever "drive preparation sequences" are, let's not "initiate" them until we've figured out just what we've gotten ourselves into here...
+1 Say ”I am Grawr, who is Adriel and where am I?”

You say, "No, no, no! Don't initiate anything! I'm not Azriel. Who's he? Where am I?"

"The voice says, "Unidentified user detected... Scanning user...". A light projects from the ceiling onto your body.

The voice continues, "User... Grawr... Kokobokleebis... has been registered. Welcome onboard Grawr. My name is Clara III. I am a vehicle designed for interplanar travel. Azriel was a Soldier of Blood and was my creator. In the absence of any other living user, you are the ranking user on this ship. How can I help you?"

Look around and notice the ladder behind us. Tell the voice, "No, thank you," and go exploring the rest of this place. Probably there are awesome super-tech treasures just waiting to be loved by a kobold.

You say, "I uh. I need to think about this.". You climb down the ladder into a circular chamber. The bones of humanoids are strapped into seats behind red glass. One of the 5 seats is empty.

We need to find a way out of this thing so we can go get Matthias, and leave the blood lands.
Matthias was tasked with killing all sapient life. We are sapient life, therefore Matthias WILL try to kill us at some point, therefore Matthias is not a friend, therefore we should leave without Matthias, it will make it harder for him to find us, especially since this ship seems to be the only way out of here. We leave, Matthias is trapped in the
Land of Blood. We need to be smart
Trust in the power of friendship to show Matthias a better way, It worked for plankton. It can work for him.

Vote in the poll above to decide whether or not you bring Matthias with you.

You explore the ship while you decide.

Step in the center of the glowy pentagram thingy.
+1 This can only go well

Clara III says, "Unable to teleport... No class B gate within range."

"What's a class B gate?" you ask.

Clara III explains, "A class B gate works by recording the quantum state of an object and sending that information to a receiving gate where the object is reconstructed voxel by voxel. A class A gate, by comparison, works by folding space-time to connect two points on the space-time continuum. A class B gate is limited by the speed of light and uses a minimal amount of energy. A class A gate is limited only by the available energy at the sending gate."

Your eyes glazed over somewhere after the word "quantum."

Ask Clara the following questions:
- Where are we?
- What is this strange chamber?
- What is the meaning of that pentagram below, and of the skeletons surrounding?
- Who is Azrael?
- Do you know anything about Matthias?
- Is there any way we can return to the blood-lands?
- Is there any way we can return to our own lands?

You ask, "Where are we?"

"You are onboard Clara III parked in the ruins of Pluteum Onerarat on the Plane of Blood."

"What is this chamber I'm in?"

"The chamber contains both the stasis pods for the crew as well as the class B gate."

"What is a stasis pod?"

"A stasis pod slows the metabolism of any creature situated inside allowing the creature to survive in a catatonic state for long periods of time. As you can see from the state of the crew, the maximum time a creature can survive stasis is finite. Rest assured, however, the stasis pods on this ship will keep you alive long enough to reach any plane in the known universe."

"If you take me home will I ever be able to come back to the Plane of Blood?"

"Yes, as long as I have a fuel source."

"What do you know about Matthias?"

"Matthias was an angel of the Blood Covenant. He was a prolific murderer during the Blood Wars. Current status... Unknown..."

"Tell me more about Azrael."

"Azrael was an angel of the Calceus Rebellion and the creator of Clara III. Current status... Unknown..."

"And the crew?" You walk up to one of the stasis pods.

"Angels of the Calceus Rebellion. Current status... deceased..."

"What is that symbol on the floor?"

"That symbol represents the 5 elements: fire, air, water, stone, and blood."

"How did these crewmen die?"

She replies, "Radioactive decay."

Presumably this is a terse "Even low levels of radiation are cumulatively damaging when your body is not repairing that damage, due to stasis; Cosmic ray particle bombardment from the eclipsed sun was sufficient to do this over 4 million years."

Either that, or there is something really scary under the floor. (which would ironically, explain why the pentagram is glowing.)

One thing to consider though; Since they included one of these "Class B" gates, it appears power is an issue with the design of this craft. It has been sitting here trying to keep corpses alive for 4 million years, and sustaining forcefields to do that...

We really should ask about how much power it has in reserve. that is, if we were anything other than a confused kobold. :P

"So they died from exposure to the ship?" you ask.

"No. My anti-platinum drive is... 99.999998% safe. To be clear... Their bodies decayed into blood over billions of years. Blood ks the only truly stable element in the universe."

"How much energy is in your anti-platinum drive?" you ask.

"A modest 2 quadrillion Urists."

!!! Ask if it can lock itself to your use !!!

You say, "Before I go, can I restrict anyone else from using the ship?".

She replies, "I can activate parent lock. What would you like your new password to be?"

"Cityscar Tributeshanks John."

"Parent lock activated."

"Can you let me outside please? I need to go get a-- a friend!"