Page 39 Cityshanks

You say, "Hi Doren, GBM! This is Mathias and Clara. All of you, this is Ili!"

"Nice to meet you all", Ili says.

Doren asks, "How did you come back? Your dead body is clearly over there in the sand."

You explain, "BLOOD MAGIC!"

The spectators are starting to file out of the colseum. What do you do?

Ask if any of our companions know where Tributescar is.

You say to Doren, "Part of our deal was that I would get the dagger Tributescar if I helped The Gears of Decency stop the science experiments in the Corps of Siege Engineers. Where do you think I can find Tributescar?"

Doren replies, "Tributescar is probably with all the other artifact in the vaults which is one level above the Corps of Siege Engineers. The vaults are gaurded but I trust you can figure something out. Things will be much easier now that you are considered a Champion. You can move freely around the city now."

Grizzly Bear Man says, "Craig, what is meaning of BLOOD MAGIC? You know magic now?"

You explain, "Well, actually you can call me Grawr. I was a little, confused... when you asked me my name. When lurking around the catacombs, I found an amulet that made me into a hemomancer. When I died, I went to The Plane of Blood where I made a new body for myself which is why I can talk to you so clearly now! Anyways, while I was there I met Mathias and Clara and they came back to Cityshanks with me using a space ship.

Mathias nods.

You continue, "It seems like months have passed but now it's as if I died only moments ago. That is probably because of timey wimey BLOOD MAGIC."

Grizzly Bear Man scratches his head and says, "I know more about alcohol than
'bout magic. Why don't we go to The Spicy Olive and continue dis discussion?"

Ili says, "Thank you! I could use a drink."

You all leave the coloseum and out through the caves toward the tavern.

Aweme is already there and her face lights up when she sees you.

"Craig! You survived the fight pits!" she exclaims.

You tell everyone the full tale of your journey while GBM gets everyone something to drink. "Eet is on me." He says.

You ask about the details of the vaults defenses. Apparently there is a long halway leading to the door with balistas at the end. The balistas are manned at all times but you might be able to sneak past when the gaurds change shifts. The lock on the door can be picked but, if you fail, some sort of trap will activate.

Now that you are closer to your goal than ever you can hardly sit still. You tell the others you are going to explore the city. The others will stay here for some time. If you need anything from them you will know where to find them.

You make your way to the inner city enterance.

You hear a sneeze coming from behind you. You turn to see a familiar face!

The cat seems to want your attention.

Go over and say hello to the cat.
Offer the cat face pets.

You pet the cat and it rubs up against you affectionately.

ask if the cat can lockpick

The cat sneezes.

Feed cat a drop of blood

You turn a bit of your toga back into blood and offer it to the cat. The cat instead chases it like a blazer pointer.

After playing with the cat for a bit it starts to walk across the bridge towards the enterance to the inner city. It turns to you to see if you follow.

Follow the cat!

You follow the cat across the bridge.

The gate opens. An axedwarf on the other side greets you, "Hello Champion. i have heard tales of your victory. Litast be with you."

You follow the cat deeper into the city. You bypass the central staircase and take winding tunnels until you reach a hallway ending in a door. The cat sneezes more violently than ever.

I think this cat knows something. And as long as we follow it, we have a (weak) excuse to go anywhere.

continue following cat

You try opening the door but it is locked.

Hemo-mance a blood key or lock pick and unlock the door. Surely the cat has some spare blood we could use.

You have plenty of blood material in your toga. You convert some of it back into blood and make it into a key. You insert it into the lock and change it's shape around until you hear a click.

You get a face full of cats and the world slows to a halt. The black cat give a powerful sneeze as it freezes in place.

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