Page 38 Obler Frostfaith

You make it around the saw blade trap to read the inscription!

It reads, "Woe unto any who disturb the resting place of Obler Frostfaith. The Law-giver watches still."

You find a staircase around the corner at the back of the room.

Let's head up stairs and use the pole to poke around while searching for shiny stuff.

We didn't find a pole.

Dwarf friend has pole-spear.

Which is why he gets to go first.

The dwarf goes up the stairs, poking all the way. You find a room with a sarcophagus, another tablet, and many piles of bones.

There is another staircase leading upwards on the other side of the room.

Read the slab. Can we read? Get someone who can read to read the slab.

You are a novice reader. You start making your way toward the slab.

"Don't step on any bones." the dwarf says so you tip toe.

The slab reads:

"In memory of Obler Frostfaith.
Died peacefully in the year 71.
Law-giver of The Jade union 6 to 71
Loving mother and wife."

There is NO shiny stuff ANYWHERE in here. Express disappointment, then proceed further in behind dwarf-friend.

You follow the dwarf up the stairs and find a room with 2 bags, a chest, a cherry wood crutch, and a lapis lazuli statue of an wereant-eater.

Have we seen the whole tomb yet? Is this all there is? Fully explore the tomb before we touch anything.

There are no other obvious doorways or stairs.

There's two things I'd like to ask the dwarf. Number one..

The human cleric says, "The rumors we have heard all pertain Konlilomonth, The Oily Tomb, which is where we are headed! Legend says that Godin Imagepure was entombed in Konlilomonth in the year 24 during the war with the The Blind Plague. If the rumors are true then the tomb is filled with valuable treasure as well as lethal dangers."

The slab reads:

"In memory of Obler Frostfaith.
Died peacefully in the year 71.
Law-giver of The Jade union 6 to 71
Loving mother and wife."

So, is the tomb of Godin Imagepure hidden somewhere else? And do we need to keep searching?

You bring up the discrepancy on the slabs.

he dwarf replies, "We must be in the wrong tomb! We should never have come here! Obler Frostfaith was known to be a powerful cyromancer in both life and death."

where is his human companion? Did he stay outside with Edi, or is there another reason he stayed behind?

The human cleric is in the stairwell behind you.

Find the right tomb and repeat previous precautions.

You make your way towards the exit.

You hear a crunch.

You hear a harsh female voice emanate from the sarcophagus , "Who dares disturb the resting of Obler Frostfaith!?"

Now let's run for the exit and get ready to shoot some crossbow bolts from behind a somewhat safe corner, if possible.

"Everyone run!", you yell. You and the human make it to the staircase.

You take a shot.

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You hit the mummy but she appears unphased. "None of you shall leave this tomb alive." she says.

A skeletal hand grabs the dwarfs foot and he falls.

"Uh, wait, we have the wrong tomb. We're very sorry. Please, can you tell us the way to Goden Imagepure's resting place? We need to speak with him."

You say, "Um I'm really sorry you died. I think we have the wrong tomb. We were looking for Goden Imagepure's resting place. Could you-"

Obler interrupts, "Goden Imagepure. I have not heard that name in a long time. He was a disgrace when he failed as my general in the battle of 24. I gave him a tomb, yes, but only to keep unity of the factions. I care not for political squabbles anymore! Bring me Acespade, his battle ahnk, and I will spare you your lives."

Guess we get directions to the tomb and grab that ahnk thing.

"Where is Goden's tomb?" you ask.

Obler replies, "It is in the north west most tomb in this complex. Go there at once!"

And so you go to do as she asks. You leave the tomb to find Edi motionless. You shout, "EDI! ARE YOU OKAY?" He doesn't respond.

OH GOD, quick try to wake him!

"Edi, Edi wake up!" You say as you shake Edi.

"I'm awake! I'm awake. What happened?" Edi says.

"We came to the wrong tomb." you explain.

"Well then where's the right one?" Edi asks.

The human cleric says, "Konlilomonth is suppose to be in this area."

"Maybe there is more than one tomb in this area, like a complex." the dwarf speculates.

You fly up above the canopy to get a better look. There are atleast 3 more pyrmids nearby.

seriously, we need to fix this owl pronto :|
Mummies can wait we must first repair the owl!

You say, "Edi, we really need to make sure you are okay."

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm not bleeding any more and I have booze in my flask." Edit responds.

A skeleton holding a clipoboard comes out of the tomb. It says, "Hello, hello. My name is Litast and I will be making sure your fetch quest is done efficiently and by the books."

We do not need violence to achieve our ends.

Ask to hold the clipboard, then respond to further inquiries with "what clipboard".

"Oh, I cant give you this clipboard. This has all the secrets to the tomb we shall be raiding and it is classified."

Get behind the skeleton and read the clip board threw its rib cage.

You sneak behind and Litast and see that the clip board has nothing but blank paper.

"Hey! You lied!", you say.

"Well the truth is, I really just want to learn about how you survive the dungeon. I'll be taking notes."

"Can I touch it?", you ask.

"No. It is still clasified." he says.