Page 37 The Oily Tomb

You are about halfway done when some travelers pass by. One is wearing cleric clothes that look to come from The Jade Union. The other is a dwarf with a 10 foot long poll.

"Hello bird folk and hello to you, human." the human cleric says.

"What is your business with us traveler?" Monom asks, somewhat defensively.

"We have no business with you, actually, although we do admire your tree house." the human explains.

Interesting rumors of interesting roomers?
{We need friends, if we want to really leverage the power of friendship...}
Why not ask about both?


Consider a brief poof dance of territorial dominance for these welcome strangers, then ask then good day and about rumors the the like.

You poof dance.

You say, "Hello welcome strangers! Where are you headed and have you heard any rumors?"

The human cleric says, "The rumors we have heard all pertain Konlilomonth, The Oily Tomb, which is where we are headed! Legend says that Godin Imagepure was entombed in Konlilomonth in the year 24 during the war with the The Blind Plague. If the rumors are true then the tomb is filled with valuable treasure as well as lethal dangers."

Ask if the treasure is shiny.

"Some of it is very shiny." The dwarf says.

Sounds like we might need to go with them so we can get some of that shiny.

"Can we come with?" You ask.

"We could always use a canary in the coal mine." The dwarf responds.

Side note: Bring pack goats

You can only really bring one goat since you only have one rope to tie tings to it's back. You pick out the poofiest of goats to bring. You need to leave two of your companions here to continue working on the treehouse.

My vote is for Edi, the pooflord, guardian of the poof.

You and edi grab your adventuring gear and head out with the others. Your poof goat follows.

You travel through the forest.

The two new companions lead you to a clearing in the trees. There is a stone pyramid!

The dwarf says, "Okay, the lot of yeah better prepare yourselves for anything."

You walk up to the massive stone door.

Do we, or any of the group, have much skill in lockpicking? I don't recall if it has come up before.

You have a strange feeling that picking this lock requires no skill at all!

Kea's would absolutely love picking locks, so let's do that!

You pick the lock with a crossbow bolt.

You peer into the room. The seems to be a slab with something written on it but you can't make it out from here.

The goat should read it first. They are our cannon fodder, remember?
+1 Who needs armour when we have an army of goats.

+1 Absolutely send the goat to read and/or collect the tablet.

The goat walks forward and triggers some sort of saw blade trap!

Your poof goat is dead.

Make note to hold funeral for poofgoat upon return. Collect a personal item for use in said funeral. Perhaps some poof.

Throw rocks, like, all over the place to detect further traps.

You throw rocks all over the place and find two more traps... Axes that swing out of the ceiling.

Is Edi ok

"How are you Edi?" you ask.

"I'm bleeding out from this pike wound." he responds.

The human cleric explains that he can use his fire magic to cauterize the wound. You eat some cheese while you watch.

The dwarf says, "He's not fit for the tomb. Let's leave him to rest."

If possible, acquire ten-foot pole from the surrounding brush. Once we re-enter the tomb, use the pole to poke about liberally for traps.

You look through the bushes for ten foot poles but you can't find any.

Looks like you are going to have to use pebbles again this time.

Ah. Yes. We should have our new friend use his pole to find traps. But we can also throw pebbles. It won't hurt.

+1, also we should return to the tomb and commence further exploration.

You enter the tomb.