Page 36 Treehouse

REACH OUT TO OUR PEOPLE. Edi is their benevolent overlord by right of superior poof! Command them to be fruitful and multiply, that we might call on them in times of great need! Onwards to glory!

Also if any of the poofgoats have like, experience in treehouse construction, that would be nice too. Just a thought, we could ask.

You say to the party, "We should keep our new friends alive and start a sheepherding operation. We can kill one of them later to make -goat tallow biscuits- as needed. We don't have any flower anyways. I think we should make a treehouse near a fenced in location. I saw a good tree on the way here we could use!"

You walk the short ways to the tree. The goats follow.

You mark the location on your map with some of Edi's blood.

Edi says. "We will stay here while you head to town to get flower and an axe."

With that, you walk back to town. You grab some shinies from the inn before heading to the market. What should you buy?

Can we get a team inventory first?

You can't check on the inventory of the others while away from them but you know your own inventory is as follows:

Your Inventory:
a - -elephant leather dress-
b - -elephant leather leggings-
c - horse leather shoes
d - lama leather waterskin

e - . 3 water
f - +cow leather backpack+
f - . 3 cheese
g - . 48 dingo meat
h - . 40 dingo fat
i - . 3 dingo brains
j - . 3 dingo hear
k - . 6 dingo lungs
i - . 3 dingo intestines
m - . 3 dingo liver
n - . 6 dingo kidneys
o - . 3 dingo tripe
p - . 3 dingo sweetbread
q - . 6 dingo eyes
r - . 3 dingo spleen
s - . 10 dingo bones
t - . 3 raw dingo hides
u - . 3 +dingo bone figurines+
v - . large copper dagger

w - +bronze shield+
x - =coper crossbow=
y - -lama leather bag-

z - . 75 silver coins
aa - . 100 copper coins

ab - -lama leather quiver-
ac - . 15 bronze bolts

You craft the rest of your 10 sets of dingo bones into various figurines. You take it to the nearby bone carving salesman.

"Hello there bird person!" the salesman says. "What can I do for you."

You reply, "What can I get for these figurines?" and you show him your collection.

"Ah! This is good craftsmanship. I can give you 7 gold for the lot."

You are excited about your first sale! "Yes! Give me the shinnies." you say.

Next you head over to a woman who seems to be selling general supplies. There is a iron axe on her table.

"Welcome to Martha's Goods! I'm Martha and this is what I have for sale." She waves her hand over the assorted goods on the table.

She says, "Our grappling hook is on sale for only ☼80!"

"How much for the axe?" you ask.

"That will cost you ☼340." she explains.

I'll take it! You say, and hand over 68 silver coins.

String, or nothing

Get the rope. Rope is omniuseful.

but also the grappling hook. It's a combo with the rope.

"A rope and grappling hook together will will cost you ☼90."

You hand over 6 gold coins leaving you with 15 silver coins and 1 gold coin.

You head out of town back toward your tree. Good thing it has stopped raining!

Next Monday I will have an update covering the construction of your new home!

It's time to build our tree house!
+1 to treehouse.

Make staircases so that the goats can climb in the tree. We shall turn our goats into the most brawlsome of armored aerial attack cannon fodder in time.

You make it back to the build site and start chopping down trees.

You convert the logs into building materials.

You start with the staircase that revolves around the main trunk.