Page 35 Poof Goats

Noi wakes up from a pleasant slumber.

Do a poofy dance of rejoicefulness. Her slumber was long!

Yo do the jankiest of poof dances possible with your shiniest shinies.

obtain -sheep tallow biscuit-

Monom Cryptchanted joined your party on a trek back to Robustlashes. You stayed the night at The Berry and Cinnamon. You decide the only thing that matters today is that you have -sheep tallow biscuit- as soon as possible.

Go forth and meet up with the rest of our group and announce our new found quest!

You meet the others downstairs. "Good morning.", Kudo says. "Hello!" You reply, "Today is going to be such a good day!"

You go to the bartender and ask him if he has any -sheep tallow biscuits-.

"Ah, unfortunately there are no sheep farmed near Robustlashes so I'm all out of sheep tallow. The nearest town known for their sheep products is Bridlecrowns to the east."

You remember reading about Bridlecrowns in your book. You go to the others and share the development.

"We are going here today for we must have -sheep tallow biscuits-."

"Bridlecrowns is ruled by the just deity Nithim and, apparently, known for it's sheep products!"

Edi complains, "But that's so far! Is there anything we should do before we start our trek?"

If not local shepherding operations, we could also try our hand at wild game instead. The map suggests mountains nearby. Mountain Sheep could be a thing. We should inquire.
-mountain goat tallow biscuit- would also be acceptable
Let's not limit our options here

You return to the others and agree to head out for the hill lands to the south east. You pay for another night at the inn so you have somewhere safe to stow your chest.

You set out while it is still morning. It looks like it might rain again.

Eventually you spot a mountain goat in the distance!

EDIT: Dat goat so cute tho

That's because it's a poof goat.

Have the three of you circle the goat with stealth, then attack from all sides to prevent escape.

You have the goat surrounded now!

Have all 4 armed adventurers dogpile the unaware wild poofgoat simultaneously. We shall sing songs of this battle henceforce.

You dodge-pile the mountain goat.

This kills the goat.

Eddie says, "I am of some mind to eat all of this carcass and there by absorb it's power."

I say we let him. Let's see what happens.
Just stand ready in case a medical emergency emerges.
Oh and uh, send someone out to scout the immediate area for more goats (or potential danger, so that we might be prepared for it).

Sheep are herd animals. If we had adorable sheep kid, we will have adult sheep elsewhere.

He may eat the lamb-- we will look for more, and or, maybe get mutton.

Kudo and Monum head out to look for the heard while Edi eats the meat and guts.

It begins to rain.

After eating everything he can find he says, "I am now a poof owl."

It looks like his poofness has attracted a heard of mountain goats.