Page 34 Urist Okbodthîkut IV

You are Urist Okbodthîkut IV. Your parents were the king and queen until they were recently murdered by a rampaging mob.

You are standing in your laboratory in front of a green glass window. There are an array of such windows each accompanied by a lever. The window in front of you has a hand crafted bin underneath a raised bridge.

Pull the lever.

You pull the lever and the draw bridge lowers with a crunch!

You push the lever back up and now the bin has vanished!

"Very interesting." Says the scientist with the clip board. "Next."

The next window shows an anvil under a raised bridge.


The levers are not close enough together to pull them all at once.

"Your science platform. I want it." You say to the scientists.

"Vat Urist wants, Urist gets."

Now get him to pull all the levers!

"¡¡VERY INTERESTIMGI!!", Says the scientist.

The next window has a fluffy wambler under the bridge.

Advise that as the current Lord of the Science Platform, you are altering the parameters of the test. We will Ve vill now attempt to crush the zee bridge with the zee fluffy wambler.

+1, we've already seen demonstrations of bridges' power, let's test wambler power.

And maybe get a trademark on Wambler Power!
+1 “Also Scientist, be very careful with that thing.”


Les get back from the window in case it explodes.


Also, tell Whatever-heez-name-is to go collect the specimen for examination.
+1, tell him to get rubber gloves to protect from the electricity

Atîs dons protective gear and enters the labratory room.

He captures the energy inside the legendary artifact, Råshkodor

You say, "MUHAHA! Now the elves will know !!JUSTICE!!"