Page 30 Kik Slitherservants

"So if the world isn't in immediate danger of annihilation, what is it that's at stake? And why is the power of friendship so important to it?"

Asa replies, "To explain that we need to fast forward a bit, right up to just before the beginning of time."

"Kik Slitherservants, a giant boar twisted into humanoid form, established himself as one of the strongest
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in the underworld. Beware his deadly spittle."

"Kik caught the attention of Nithim, god of dreams and nightmares."

"Nithim thrust up a spire of slade up from the underworld, naming it Monstermornings, and established a gateway between worlds in The Glorious Desert."

"Kik was allowed freedom from the underworld if, in exchange, he would lead the goblin hordes and spread nightmares across the land. Kik's goblins have since slaughtered thousands of humans, dwarves, and elves.

The Glorious Desert lies only two days travel from The Birb Wilds. There is nothing between you and the goblin horde but wilderness."

"Noi, your only hope is to befriend Kik Siltherservants."

"What?!?" you ask.

"You see, when Nithim bound Kik to this world he did so using a powerful magical slab. Inscribed on that slab is Kik's true name. If you can find the secret vault where the tablet is stored, and sneak past all of its angelic guardians, you can learn Kik's true name and bind him to your will.

"Will I ever talk to you again?" You ask.

"I'm sure we will meet again." you hear just as you wake up. You sit up. Daylight enters the cave. Kudo sobs into his hand and Edi lies motionless.

"Welcome to tribe." Gicast sys.

"I met Asa Rumoredbristle the Stern Silver!" you shout. You explain to Gicast what you experienced.

"Meet god a great honor. The Gullies of Bone help find slab anyway can."

Maybe we could also check if Edi is dead and if we... traumatised Kudo

"What's wrong?" you ask Kudo.

Kudo, still shaking, says, "I- I- All those lives- I don't even know how to-" Edi suddenly sits up and breaths deeply.

"Oh my gods! That was AMAZING!"

"What did you experience?" you ask Edi.

"I was at a party with these strange beautiful creatures. Some of them had 8 tits and their breast milk was booze!"

"Oookay then." You respond. "Well, I had a much more profound experience. I met Asa Rumorbristle the Stern Silver and she says we are all in danger of being killed by goblins if we don't befriend Kik, their
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Edi says, "Wait. What just happened when you said the word
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Woh. What the fuck?"

"I know. It's sort of weird." you say.

Let's recruit a vulture person for our party, for such an epic quest we should be a mighty flock!]

You continue, "Anyways, let's go tell Evost. We will need the tribe's help."

Evost Secretscent, the vulture man with the dingo head on his neck and the leader of the tribe, gathers the tribe's warriors. Three are willing to join your party but the tribe can only spare one.

Zong Rootedstrokes wields two axes which he can throw with uncanny precision. He is also an accomplished carpenter.

Dubie Catband is the most eager to join you. He has a sling which he uses to hunt giant dingos. He lost his left lower leg while hunting but is skilled at hopping around.

Monom Cryptchanted is the tribes diplomat. She has the most experience with the outside world and is fluent in the common tongue. She idly plays with a ≡steel dagger≡ with two handles that fold to conceal the blade.

Monom Cryptchanted is a diplomat, though, and we need to make peace with the goblins. I vote we have her join us.
Lets take the sp... *ahem* assass... no, "diplomat" with the butterfly knife. We could use the extra diplomatic "leverage".

You say to Kudo and Edi, "I don't know. Having someone who can throw miscellaneous objects sounds useful but this is more of a diplomatic mission."

Edi adds, "And if Monom joins us there will be two girls and two guys. It's perfect!"

"That settles it." You reply. "Monom, you are part of the party!"

"I won't let you down." she says and flips her dagger.