Page 10 Troglodytes

The copper wall slides into the floor. The gladiators walk to the center of a stadium to cheers and applause.

Take the rack!

The weapon rack makes a screaching sound as you drag it slowly across the stadium.

The cheering stops.

+1, do this, but immediately afterwards stand on the rack and pose heroically for the crowd.
+1. And after dragging and posing is done, position yourself beneath the rack with a dagger in your good hand and a spear in the other.

You get on the rack and pose.

One of the copper doors slides open and a horde of troglodytes run out before you are able to get in position under the rack.

The goblin gets first blood.

One of the troglodytes approaches.

You stab him in the stomach

but he grabs you by the throat undeterred.

Slice off its hand!
+1Slash at that hand as hard as you possibly can. Having released yourself, !!DODGEROLL!! backwards out of the weapon rack. Stay close to our allies. When a trog gets too close to the group, swiftly cripple it with Quick leg shots; dodge away and let a buddy kill it if a buddy's at hand, kill it quick if not. Don't get overwhelmed, always leave space to move about, and avoid becoming Tired at all costs-- a tired kobold is a dead kobold.

And try not to let the goblin die.

You swing hard at the troglodytes hand and the severed part sails off in an arc. The crowd cheers.

You climb out of the weapon rack and a troglodyte rushes you.

You dodge-roll away from it's attack landing behind your allies. They form a wall between you and the troglodyte swarm.

Make sure the downed Troglodytes stay dead by stabbing them.

This troglodyte is now for sure dead.

Dodge-roll around and stab the troglodytes.

One of the troglodytes is attacking the goblin.

You slash at it's neck and an artery has been torn.

A torn artery in the neck is a great chance to practice hemomancy without anybody really seeing it. See how much blood you can pull out of the injured troglodyte, just letting it spill on the floor for now.

+1! But focus ALL OF YOUR ENERGY AT ONCE so we can get a good idea of our MAXIMUM POWER.

You concentrate on pulling the blood out of the artery. Blood starts shooting out much more forcefully than it was before. You are now a competant hemomancer.

The troglodyte falls over lifelessly just as another troglodyte attacks you from behind. You dodge out of the way and then chop off its leg. The troglodyte that tried to choke you is still standing so you use hemomancy on it as well.

It doesn't take long before it falls over stunned giving you a chance to finish it off.

The crowd roars. All the troglodytes have been killed.