Page 11 Building Destroyer

Okay, status check. What injuries have our allies sustained, and are any of them particularly serious?
Is hemomancy any good for healing? Staunching a wound, at the very least? Time to find out.

It looks like no one took any serious injuries. The gash on the dwarfs head is minor but bleeds quite a bit. You try slowing the bleeding with hemomancy but it has no effect.

There are five doors in total. Three of them are still closed.

Quick start flexing and strike a victory pose.

You are posing for the crowd when one of the doors opens. Standing in the tunnel are three trolls.

The front troll roars.

The trolls charge forward. The front one goes directly for the weapon rack and smashes it to pieces.

The +steel warhammer+ barely misses the dwarf.

The champion engages with one of the trolls.

He slashes it in the upper body.

Do the walls appear climbable?

The walls are made from smoothed carved stone. They don't look climbable.

Hey, can we still sense blood, like we did when we became a hemomancer? If so, we can guess the size and number of our next fight, if it has blood.

You sense behind one of the doors a single large creature. You don't sense any blood behind the other door.

Subtly use your power on the injured troll's wound. It won't die from that wound otherwise.

You try to exsanguinate the troll but nothing happens. You also don't seem to be able to sense their blood.

Sprint/!!dodgeroll!! toward the troll closest to us and the goblin-- the troll who smashed our weapon rack-- and shiv its leg or foot-- preferably a foot. Having done this, kill it in the most efficient way possible-- a stab to the head, perhaps, or a throat slash. Whatever's convenient.

Stay mobile, avoid becoming Tired, don't let the goblin die.

You dodge roll behind the troll.
The troll misses the goblin who ducks under the attack!
The dwarf slashes the troll in the right upper arm, tearing the muscle and bruising the bone!

You slash the troll in the left foot, tearing apart the muscle and a motor nerve has been severed!

The troll falls over.
The goblin stabs the troll in the upper body, tearing the muscle and tearing the heart!
A major artery in the heart has been opened by the attack!

The troll colides with the goblin!
They tangle together and tumble forward!

The troll has been struckdown!


The troll grabs the champion by his adamantine helm with his left hand!
The troll tries to remove the adamantine helm.
The troll gains possession of the adamantine helm.

The troll punches the champion in the head with his right hand and the injured part explodes into gore!
The champion has been struck down.

The troll charges the dwarf!
The troll collides with the dwarf!
The dwarf is knocked over and tumbles backwards.

Stab the troll in the dick ankles.

You dodge through the broken horned trolls legs and try to slash it's ankles but miss and hit it in the lower body instead.
It's a gelding blow!

You slash the troll in the right foot with your +steel dagger+, tearing the muscle.
A tendon in the right foot has been torn!
Seeing an opening, the dwarf stabs the troll in the upper body, tearing the muscle and tearing the heart!
A major artery in the heart has been opened by the attack!

Th troll has been struck down.

You finish of the broken horned troll while it is still stunned.

The crowd goes wild!

Pose dramatically.
Then, help the goblin up, and help the dwarf into the champ's helmet, and give the dwarf the champ's sword. Do this as quickly as possible, seeing as we might not have much time until the next fight.

You help the goblin up while the dwarf helps himself to the adamantine gear. You then pose dramatically and wave at the crowd.