Page 12 Anklyosaurid

One of the copper doors slides open. Out steps a huge anklosaurid. It has a narrow tail and undulates rhythmically. It's green scales are large and overlapping.

Undulate arrhythmically at the ankylosaurid in an attempt to disrupt its innate motion and create a damaging pressure surge within. Try to convince your companions to do the same for maximum effect.

You undulate at the anklyosaurid. Your companions don't seem to be following along

"What are you waiting for? You have a shield now. Attack it!" The goblin says.

The dwarf yells nervously and charges toward the anklyosaurid.
The dwarf slashes the anklyosaurid in the front right leg with his adamantine sword, tearing the muscle and chipping the bone.

"Death is all around us. Begone fear!" The dwarf shouts.

If it does not have deadly dust or the like, have the dwarf distract it, while you climb up its side onto its back, hang on, and stab it until it dies.

You jump onto it's neck while it is focused on the dwarf and start pulling yourself up.

You manage to straddle the neck. The anklyosaurid strikes the dwarf with it's tail but it is blocked by the adamantine shield.

You stab the neck over and over. It tries to shake you but you hold on for dear life.

After some time the anklyosaurid falls. You are now a Grand Master Knife User

The crowd is a cacophony as you wave and flex.

Try to make all this blood slide off us with hemomancy. If the hemomancy doesn't work to get it off, roll around in the sand. If that's not sand but some kind of rock... uh, just wipe ourselves down as best we can.

You wipe off all the blood with hemomancy fairly easily. You roll around in the sand just in case. You feel nauseous desite your efforts.

The dwarf says "BLAAARGH" and throws off his helmet. He then vomits blood.

Blisters start to form on your body.

The flesh on your entire body bursts.

You are deceased. Press ESC to finish.