Page 13 Crossbowbirb

More thiefly adventures!

Be a Kea man!
Put points in Crossbowman.
At least one point in reading

You are a kea woman named Noi Dontwan Tacracker. You are a newly-minted hearthperson of the great Duto Packslides in Robustlashes, a human town. Destiny is calling! You are a worshiper of Asa Rumorbristle the Stern Silver, the human goddess of rulership, the moon, the sky, the sun, light and day.

You've finally got your equipment together, such as it is.

You can read.

Now it's time for action and adventure! In the rush of excitement, you've forgotten where you were going to go. A foolhardy soul might try to rescue the child that has been kidnapped. Perhaps some of your friends here have ideas.

The lord and lady are having a heated discussion. A bard is playing an ithra. Overall the performance is inspired. The human swordsman says, "It is terrifying.". The dwarf hammerdwarf replies, "It was inevitable."

Attempt to recruit the Owl Person.
We'll make a fowl team.

You greet the barn owl man swordsman, "My name is Noi. Long live the cause!"

The barn owl man swordsman replies, "Ah, hello. I'm Besti Carnalirons. Long live the cuase!"

You ask Besti,"Come, join me on my adventures!"
Besti laughs and says, "Such enthusiasm for one such as yourself. Sorry, but my duties lie here. If you are looking for adventurers head to the tavern. You might see my cousin Edi there. He doesn't have such responsibilities holding him back.