Page 14 Praise Caspa

Let's go find him! And look for other bird people on the way we can try to recruit. Persistence is the key!

You head out to find Edi. It is a beautiful day. "Such a time to be alive!", You think.

Also, keep a sharp eye out for anything valuable that is not nailed down.

These flowers aren't nailed down! You take one and smell it. It doesn't really have a fragrance but at least it looks pretty!

A monk is chanting in front of the temple to Caspa. "Let there be rain. Let there be rain. Oh Caspa. Let there be rain." He says over and over.

When you walk by he says, "Hello kea woman. Have you prayed for rain today? Please, come and give offerings and praise to Caspa, goddess of weather."

Lets go pray for some rain, and give the flower as an offering.

You enter the temple. There is a large gold statue of Caspa. In the left corner there is a downward staircase.

You walk over to the offering bowl. There are shiny coins inside!


You take the coins and leave the flower as an offering.

You to say the Caspa statue, "Thank you for the coins. Please let there be rain."

Stop at The Berry and Cinnamon and recruit Edi first.

You walk across the streat to The Berry and Cinnamon. The monk says, "Thank you! Caspa be with you."