Page 15 The Berry and Cinnamon

The Berry and Cinnamon is bustling with humans and dwarves. Edi stands out like a soar thumb. "I wan't one more. Izzz that so bad?" You hear him say to no one in particular.

You sit down across from him. "Hello. My name is Noi Dontwan Tacracker."

"Ah hello. My name is Edi Knifepattern. Don't travel alone at night, or the bogeymen will get you." he replies.

"Come, join me on my adventures so I won't be alone." You say.

"What?!" He shouts and spills his drink a bit. He pauses for a moment. "That sounds like a great idea! You would let a lowly owl such as myself join you?"

"Of course. Together we will be known as the Fine Feathered Finders, or something like that. Well, you, me, and what ever other bird folk we can get to join us." you say.

"Great!" He chugs the rest of his drink. "So what exactly is the goal of our adventure exactly?"

While we have additional long term goals, among other things involving SHINIES! and the acquiring of same, our short term goal is to rescue the child that has been kidnapped. Speaking of, do you know anything about that?

You say to Edi,"Ultimately we want to get all of the shinies." You take out a gold coin and show Edi.

Edi nods and says,"All of the shinies would be good."

"First, though, I heard there is a child missing. Do you know anything about that?

Edi replies,"Oh, you must be talking about the law-giver's son. He was taken for ransom by a gang of bandits. I think their camp is not far outside of town."

You say, "We have to rescue him. Let's go!"

"Wait, before we go can you fill up my flask?" He pulls out a very large flask and hands it to you.

acquire alcoholic beverages for the road.
+1 to alcohol, it seems that our companion needs it to function properly. Make sure it's also something exotic and weird without buying anything too expensive, like sewer brew brewed from the fetid remains of a failure of a plant based plains titan or parsnip wine.

You walk to the bartender and he says,"Greetings. My name is Ikar Battlenarrow. This is The Berry of Cinnamon. What can I do for you?"

"What's available here?" You ask.

"We have sewer brew for ☼1 a mug. We also have dwarven wine imported from Quicknessiron for ☼3. We rent out rooms for ☼20 a night."

"Is the sewer brew made from the remains of a fallen plains titan?"

"Uh no..."

"Thats okay, I'll take some of that anyways and can you put it in this flask?"

"Sure, that looks like it can hold 3 mugs worth so it will be ☼3."

You give him three copper coins and he fills the flask with sewer brew. You take it back to Edi. He somehow fits it into his back pocket.

"Thank you! So, where are we going first?" He asks

Talk to everyone at the bar and ask if they'd like to join you in rescuing the missing child kidnapped by those villainous bandits.

"First we need to recruit more companions." you reply to Edi.

You turn to the table next to Edi's and say, "Hello. My name is Noi Dontwan Tacracker. You look like mighty warriors indeed. Would you like to join us in rescuing the law-giver's son?"

The bronze-clad human says,"That is a noble cause. Well, if you will lead me to glory and death then I'm in."

The dwarf says,"With so many in your party there is not enough glory to go around. Count me out."

"Same here. I'm not interested." the other human says.

You go over to the other table and start to say,"Hello my name is Noi Don-"

"Piss off, you adventurer wazzock." The dwarf interjects.

"Okay, sorry, sorry." you say and back away.

You walk back to your new companions and the human says,"I'm sorry. I didn't introduced myself. My name is Kudo Leafyspeaks. I wander the wilds and slay monsters. I have never had the opportunity to adventure with animal people before. It is my pleasure."

You say,"That reminds me. Do either of you know where we can find more bird people?"

Kudo replies,"There is Besti. He is a guard in the fort."

You explain,"I already tried him. His duties as a guard prevent him from joining us."

Edi says,"There really aren't that many civilized bird people. I do hear there is a flock of cardinal people in Flightplait but that is a weeks travel from here."

"We will have to go there at some point in our adventures." You say.

"So. What's the plan?" Kudo asks.

Insist that the human will have to wear feathers at some point in our adventure, to keep our fethery theme of course.
+1 - Perhaps we can add a feather crest to his helmet. Humans like accenting those, right?

You take one of your feathers and add it to Kudo's helmet. "There, now you are part of the flock." you say.

"Thank you Noi. It's an honor"