Page 18 Shinies

Loot them, loot the chest, loot the camp!
Take the whip. If we have to enter melee at some point, we'll be glad we have it.
And take the shield, if we can use both a crossbow and a shield like in DF.

You put the silver whip into your rope reed backpack. You strap the bronze shield to your back. You search the womans pockets and find a key ring.

Tend to our wounded as best we can, free that kid, and go looting. Then, let Edi rest for an hour or so while we stand watch... and make sure that kid doesn't run off on us while we wait. He'd be bogeyman food out there.

"Are you okay Edi?" you ask. "That wound looks pretty bad."

"I'll be fine. I just, I just need to sit for a bit and... catch my breath..." Edi says.

You try the keys on the cage and one of them opens it.

"Thank you bird lady!" Ulco shouts.

"Now stay close to us until we get you back to your father." you say.

"Okay lady." he says.

Now that the child is free it's time to see what's in the chest! One of the keys unlocks it.


After counting all the shinies you unravel the scroll in the grass revealing a map of the local area.

The red square must be the camp. Robustlashes and Showermoon are to the north. What's that triangle to the south? Konlilomonth? interesting...

You roll up the scroll and place it in your rope reed backpack. You search the leather bags.

You give the goat leather backpack to Edi and he puts it on. You give the «iron toy axe» to the boy. It is decorated with coyote bone and encircled with bands of pecan wood.

You are starting to feel hungry and thirsty. You open the lid of the pot over the camp fire. It is rabbit stew!

Before you can try a bite, however, you look up to see a maceman carrying a bucket of water. Presumably he is one of the bandits returning from a trip to the river.

He drops his bucket and retreats.

Tend our own wound at some point and get that crossbow bolt out of our arm

You pull out the silver bolt and give it to Edi.

Grab the <<gypsum-bound Codex>>, then chase after that guy and kick his ass.
+1, but leave everybody behind: Edi is too hurt to run/fly, Kudo is too slow in armor and should stay to protect Edi and the kid. Also, instead of flat out killing him we should see if we can make him yield. He may have information that could be useful to us, like "heh, yeah, 80% of the camp will be back in about five minutes to wreck your shit" or "there's more shines thataway"

You take out the «gypsum-bound codex». It isn't very thick. Only about 30 pages. You put it in your rope reed backpack.

"Wait here." You tell your companions.

You fly after the maceman and manage to catch up to him. You have him cornered at the river. You aim your crossbow at him and he shouts, "I yield. I yield." and throws down his iron mace.

"Answer my questions and I will spare your life, for now." you say. "Are there more bandits skulking around and are there more shinies?"

He replies, "There were only four of us. I don't know anything about shinies. Please, if you let me go I will leave The Passionate Realm and never come back."

Check our map to see if Bridlecrowns is nearby.

Bridlecrowns is two days to the east.