Page 19 Robustlashes

Let him leave, he's harmless right now.

He runs off, leaving his mace. You put it in your rope reed backpack.

Regardless of next action we should head back to town ASAP. If we have enough daylight, today. If not, as soon as it is light tomorrow.

You regroup with your companions and start heading back toward town. You make it back to town safely.

You pass through the market on the way into town. The vendors shout, advertising their goods. "Cheese! Get your Cheese here!"

"Your very own real giant cave swallow bone crown. All the way from distant Cityshanks!"

"Taste our fresh prickle berries!"

You are starting to feel drowsy, very hungry, and very thirsty.

First lets take the kid back to whoever he belongs to so we can get that award.

Your party goes to the keep. The boy runs to his father.

The law giver says, "You are a brave bird. My boy means everything to me and I don't think I will ever be able to repay you. However." He pulls out a piece of paper. "This deed is for a plot of land to the south west. It is yours now. I hope you can master this land and put it to good use."

"Thank you! I have a map can you point it out for me?"

You place your map on the ground and he labels it with a red x.

Try this cheese these humans and dwarves are so interested in. Can't be better than bread!

"I want to go to the market and spend some of our shinies." You say to your companions.

"I would go with you but it looks like it's going to rain soon and I'm tired of carrying this chest. You can meet us at the The Berry and Cinnamon when you are done."

It is indeed starting to rain outside as you make your way to the market.

You go straight to the cheese stand, eager to try cheese for the first time.

"Would you like a free sample?" the cheesemaker asks.

"Yes please." you say and she hands you some cheese and crackers. You throw away the crackers, slightly offended.

It is one of the best things you have ever tasted! So rich, so smooth! Now bread seems so boring!

"I'll take 2 wheels!"

"That will be ☼20."

You hand her a gold coin and a silver coin and add the cheese to your inventory. Just then you hear some commotion coming from the direction of the temple.

"Get your hand off me. Behold! These charlatans are nothing more than a bunch of thugs. When the end comes their gods will not protect you. Fools!" the man in red robes shouts.

"You can't be hear any longer. Don't make me hurt you." the other robed man says.

Lets watch them fight then after they finish find out whats going on.
In the meantime, admire the Human architecture.

+1. This is a good time to snack on CHEESE.

The green robed human puts the red robed human in a headlock.

The red robed human bites the green robed human in the left lower arm.

The red robed human breaks free of the grapple and punches the green robed human in the face.

The green robed human strikes the red robed human in the lower body with the iron mace. The red robed human shouts in pain.

The red robed human retaliates with a left hook,

and a right thrust.

the green robed human is unconcious.

"Hey. What's going on. My name is Noi." you say.

"Blood! Chaos! I have just bought you more time on this earth. Noi, you look like a mighty warrior. Join me and together we can satiate the one true god and postpone fate!"

Just keep a safe distance from the crazy human for now.
Besides, we got better things to do.

Also, we still need to get something to drink and get some sleep. It's been a long day.

"No thank you. I'd rather not." you say.

The red robed man picks up his sign and starts to shout "Entropy is inevitable! When the world grows homogeneous, Armok will cleanse the world with magma and you will burn for your sins. Smash bang boom! Down to the smaller subatomic. Smaller than a prickle berry seed and BOOM! BOOM BOOM! He will forge the world anew over and over until he finds one that satisfies his lust for chaos!"

"Okay bye." you say and you start walking towards the The Berry and Cinnamon.

You find your friends at the The Berry and Cinnamon. You celebrate your victory over quite a bit of sewer brew.

You are all feeling very tired and drunk so you each rent a room and head in for the night. You think now is a good time to read that book you found. It is titled Concerning Bridlecrowns and it tells the history of the city Bridlecrowns.

In time before time there were many tribes of humans in The Paste Steppe region along the coast off The Water of Enjoying. They were at constant war with eachother and lived in a miserable, primitive state.

That all changed in year 8 when Nithim, god of scholarship and writing, came down from the heavens and taught the humans how to work together in peace. The humans worshiped Nithim and they created the civilization known as The Jade Union with Nithim as their law-giver.

Bridlecrowns was built in the year 1 next to a natural bay. Before the arrival of Nithim it was a small fishing village. Nithim made it the capital town of his new government and encircled the town in large walls to keep out goblin sieges and monsters. At the center of the Bridlecrowns Nithim had built The Insightful Sanctuary the largest library in the world.

When The Blind Plague, a goblin civilization, waged war on The Jade Union in 24 Nithim authored Mysteries of Fire and let his most devout clerics read it. The guide gave those clerics knowledge of how to control fire. They used this power to drive back the goblin hordes and win the war.

The True Fellowship was the name of Nithim's religion and they were given the responsibility of enforcing the law as Nithim saw fit. They over saw an era of peace and happiness that lasts to this day. That is about the part where you fell asleep.