Page 20 The Plane of Blood

Look around. See where we are.

You look around and see an ocean of blood that extends out to the horizon in all directions. There are some mountains in one direction.

Dodge roll to make sure it isn't a dream. Only humans pinch themselves.

You dodge roll and this definitely isn't a dream and this is definitely real blood.

Try using hemomancy to craft a new body out of the sea of blood.

You feel your hemomantic powers are greatly amplified by this place.

You knit the blood over your bones and turn it into living flesh.

First things first, look for something to use as a makeshift loincloth.
Make yourself a nice red fedora while you're at it, if it has to be made out of living flesh so be it. Loincloths are for pansies, go for a whole badass roman-style toga, preferably red.

You form the blood into a toga. It is still made of blood but behaves as if it is made of cloth. You don't make a fedora because honestly that sounds stupid.

Head towards the mountains. Inspect the... Sun?

You head towards the mountains. It looks like the sun is in a solar eclipse.

No matter how long you wade through the blood the mountains don't seem to get any closer.

After a few hours you spot something in the distance.

It looks like the ruins of a city.

You enter the ruins and find no signs of life.

You approach a large structure at the center of the ruins.

You hear a dark voice behind you. "There comes a point in every journey when the path is not clear."

"One must ask oneself what one seeks."