Page 2 Trapavoid

Watch out for Cage traps using your years of experience at Kobold Training Academy

Pfft, cage traps, if there where cage traps you would have seen them already. You will remember to keep your eyes out though.

carve rude gestures into the walls

Engrave images of cheese. You like cheese, don't you?

Some dwarf left their mark here. How quaint.

That was a good warm up. Now, an image of Ikea.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Do not rush the details.

You have advanced from Talented Engraver to Adept Engraver

That's quite detailed for an adept.
Now finish it off with an engraving of yourself mooning. That'll teach those Dwarves!

Engraved on the wall is a finely-designed image of Grawr Kokobokleebis and dwarves. Grawr Kokobokleebis is striking a menacing pose. The dwarves are not happy. The artwork relates to the arrival of Grawr Kokobokleebis to Cityshanks.

Throw a rock at the suspciously smooth floor rectangle to aesthetically enhance it!

There is not much else to do here.
Let's move on. Stealthily, to practice your sneaking skills.

You are a Competent Ambusher and still need a lot of XP to become Skilled. Every bit of XP counts.

You passed several more traps without triggering them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

There is also a doggo at the end of the tunnel. You don't think it has detected you yet.

Throw a piece of meat past the doggo's head down into that pit with the stairs.

You have 2 +prepared giant mantis jerky+ in your -llama leather bag-. Do you want to use one of those?

Throw one of those at the doggo, then dodgeroll past him!
+1, everyone knows that throwing in DF is unbalanced and much too powerful

The spinning +Prepared Giant Mantis Jerky+ strikes the doggo in the head bruising the skull. The doggo's lower body slides along the ground bruising the muscle!