Page 22 Fast Travel

Edi says, "Goodmorning! Look! Our rooms come with free +prepared turkey eggs+!"

You get your eggs and pull up a spot across from Edi.

"So what adventurer is in store for us today?" he asks.

Go check out that land we were given!

You say, "We are going to travel to the land we were given by Lar Itkelin." You sit down and start eating your eggs. "We will start our own civilization of avian creatures. We should also build a museum to display all of our shinies. You and Kudo will carry the chest of shinies there to for the first display."

"We have to drag that heavy chest with us the whole way? It was hard enough to get it to town."

"I'm sure you will be fine. Overcoming challenges builds character!" You are feeling rather thirsty so you wash down the eggs with water from your waterskin.

Ask the tavern keeper if there are any wrongs to be righted, beasts to be slain, or injustices to be... justiced. Tavern keepers always know what's up. Also, don't forget to tell him about our heroic bandit slaying escapade. Our deeds should be remembered!

"Hello again." you say to the Ikar. "You wouldn't happen to know about any troubles in the area. Any injustices that need to be justiced-ed?"

"Well, we have beasts, bandits, skulking vermin, and bone-chilling horror." he replies.

"Oh, don't worry about the bandits. My companions and I vanquished them and saved the Law-giver's son. Very heroic like and stuff."

"Really? You are an adventurer?"

"Yes. I am still new to the profession which is why I want to know more about the other troubles. What do you mean by bone-chilling horror?"

"There are foul goings on over at Slaughterswamps. I hear the dead don't stay dead around that tower. Stay far away from that place."

"That is terrifying! What about the beasts?

"A massive creature, humanoid in shape, and made of solid bronze long ago toppled a temple named Bravebattles. He took Bravebattles as his lair and goes on murderous rampages in the surrounding towns. Bravebattles is to the northwest, just north of Panthertorch. Slaying this beast would bring us all much glory."

"Cool, what about the vermin."

"A gang of Kobolds has taken over the catacombs here in Robustlashes. Drive out these vermin and I am sure the Church of Awthrar would find a way to repay you."

"Thanks for your help. One last thing, can you fill up my companion's canteen again? He seems to drink it pretty fast."

"Sure thing."

Kudo comes down the stairs and eats his eggs while you look over the map and plan your journey. After you feel like you are suitably prepared you head out.

You leave town on the southern road and stop at the river to refill your waterskin and drink from the river. Edi doesn't seem interested in water and drinks from his canteen instead.

After another couple of hours you take a break to eat lunch. Kudo has some of your herring while you and Edi eat cheese.

When you get to the next river there is no bridge so you and Edi have to fly the chest across. Kudo is able to do jump across without issue.

You pass a dwarven hillock. The dwarves there live under mounds of dirt. You imagine they must get filthy in there living in dirt all day.

After several more hours of travel you make it to the top of the hills. Your land should be within sight.

"It's a rocky wasteland..." Kudo says.

You reply, "It's our rocky wasteland Kudo. Look at all the open space to fly around in. It is truly beautiful."

"We'll see more tomorrow. For now let's set up camp." Kudo says.

You find an open spot and make a campfire. You actually aren't sure where the logs came from yet they're here.

You hear movement behind you. Suddenly the sound of incessant cackling surrounds you.

"We are under attack!" you shout.

"Those are just boogeymen." Kudo explains. "Don't worry, they won't attack unless you are on your own. We can take turns keeping watch through the night. We'll be fine."

Eventually the cackling fades away as the boogeymen realize you are not easy prey. You find it hard to fall asleep. The ground is uneven and you are still scared of what might lurk in the shadows. You eventually manage to fall into a deep sleep. The effort of the day wore you out enough to trump your anxiety. You wake up the next moring feeling mostly rested.

Your companions are already getting their gear ready for the day.

The three of you finish the last of your herring. Edi empties his canteen to the last drop. Your waterskin only has a little bit of water left. Kudo insists that you be the one to drink it and you oblige.