Page 23 Giant Dingos!

locate a river, then find and kill one or more edible animals. We need sustenance.

"Darn it!"

draw a face on all the cacti
For goodness sake, we aren't elves!

I didn't say anything about protecting them, just that it would make the place more welcoming.

Ya, to be clear I would also be in favor of drawing faces on the rocks. Or maybe building little rock snowmen to guard our house. They can have stern faces.

You engrave a face on the rock. You are now a dabbling engraver.

"Wow, these trees are really big." Kudo says. "I wonder what they are doing in a desert."

"Uh, guys. I think we are being followed."

Oh goodie! Kill them for their meats and pelts!
+1 Its like they knew we needed meat and pelts and came to deliver them to us.
Fly up with Edi, just out of reach of snapping jaws, and start sniping.

You and Edi fly up and away from the dogs but Kudo is already knocked off his feet and surrounded by the giant dingos. They bite and scratch but don't seem to be able to pierce his armor. You shoot the closest dingo several times. Edi misses his shots.

One of the giant dingo's has latched on firmly to Kudo's left hand.
The giant dingo shakes Kudo around by the left hand tearing off the left hand.
A major artery has been torn.

Kudo has lost possession of the bronze gauntlet.

Kudo stabs the giant dingo in the head, tearing the brain.
The giant dingo has been struck down.

Kudo slashes the giant dingo in the upper front leg, tearing the skin and tearing the muscle.

The other giant dingos are fleeing.

Kudo finishes his dingo and yours has bled to death.

Kudo discards his bronze shield. "Well, it could have been worse. I could have lost my foot."

Butcher the dingoes. Fill any empty waterskins and similar containers with the blood-- we can drink it if we don't find anything better.
Craft a dingo bone hook and use it to replace Kudo's lost hand. :D

You field dress the dingos. You gain 48 meat, 40 fat, 3 brains, 3 hearts, 6 lungs, 3 intestines, 3 liver, 6 kidneys, 3 tripe, 3 raw hides, 3 skulls, and 60 bones. You use the shoulder blade of one of the dingos to craft a bone hook. You are now an adequate butcher and a dabbling bone carver.

You eye one of the dingo's leg bones. You imagine it could make a great figurine. Describe the figurine that you want to carve.