Page 32 Amethyst Man

You materialize in a cold dark room.

A gray haired dwarf locks eyes with you.

"Get up." She croaks at the male dwarf. "We have visitors."

The male dwarf jumps to his feet. He reads from a scroll, "Dor rak midor ez nazush kegeth zash mes adil." He goes on but you do not understand him.

An amethyst man stands motionless in the corner.

"Welcome to Cityshanks. You look like mighty warriors indeed." She says as she etches something on the slab. My name is Åblel. What's yours?"

Take a moment to realize that we are standing in a very suspicious circle. Attempt to step out of the circle before we introduce ourselves.
You clear your throat and say, in kobold dwarven, "Hail Åblel. Greetings to you and your companion here, in your Cityshanks. We are here visiting your mountain home on a grand adventure. I am Urist Tributeseeker (as in seeking the artifact bronze dagger `Tributescar`). My friends and companions here are Matt (points to Mathias), Jon (points to John), and Tigger (points to our un-named tiger).

Who is your companion? (points to the other guy) And might I add, I too am a Talented(?) Engraver.

You clear your throat and say, in common, "Hail Åblel and greetings to your companions. We are visiting Cityshanks as part of our grand adventure."

You begin to walk forward.

"I am Urist Tributeseeker and these are my friends, Matt, John, and-"

You bump into some sort of force field.

Åblel etches furiously, "Ah yes. Urist, Matt, and John."

John's eyes start to glow.

"What is this"
"What is happening to my friend"

You ask, "What is this? What is happening to my friend?"

Åblel ignores you and looks to John, "Sweetie, why don't you fetch us Matt's sword?"

John lunges for Mathias' sword and the two wrestle for it's possession.

"Back up plan! Back up plan!" you shout!

The floor runes are made of blood.
Speak the words "adil ozleb, eshim friends" (wall disappear, free friends) to reforms the runes.
Command the blood reform as restraints: leg shackes, handcuffs, and face muzzles on these two.

You speak "adil ozleb" while lifting blood from channels in the floor.

The barrier remains.

"eshim friends uuuuh eshim me! eshim us!"

No luck.

dissolve John's arms and cover John's eyes with the blood that used to constitute his arms

You dissolve John's hands back into blood and convert it into a cursed cloth blindfold.

Mathias states, "One must destroy the barrier."

Can we move the blood that makes up the runes I to a sphere and hurl it at the barrier? The denser the sphere, the more damage it would do since it would be more mass on a small point, also a smaller object would be able to get through the air better rather than the larger, less dense counterpart.
Lets make blood bullets!
Let's make blood Mantis Jerky projectiles!

The flying cursed mantis jerky strikes the dwarf in the neck and the severed part sails off in an arc.

The barrier shatters.

Mathias leaps forward with surprising speed.

Åblel removes a stone from her pocket. A rune carved on the stone begins to glow.

Mathias flickering sword is obliterated as it passes through a spherical barrier surrounding Åblel.

"This is no blood magic." Mathias states.

"Blasphemous wazzock!"

Åblel giggles with delight as she dashes for the ladder.

The amethyst man moves to defend her.

Quick, mantis jerky to the hag's spine!

You fling a mantis jerky but it's to late. The hag has escaped!


Become the amethyst man.

Your life was a blind rage before you met Åblel. Your only purpose is to protect her.

You assess the combatants.

The tiger and John are formidable but they have 0 kills.

Grawr Kokobokleebis has a title, Champion Among Dwarves, Troll Slayer, Slayer of Dusak The Forgotten Beast, The Dodgiest Dodge Roller Who Ever Dodged, a title he gained only 5 minutes ago?

What, the, fuck? This angel has 16 billion kills...

We are outmatched, but we are bound nonetheless to protect she who gave us a thinking mind. Position ourselves in front of the stairway, hands spread before us so as to indicate that we cannot allow these summons to pass.

We are outmatched, but we are bound nonetheless to protect she who gave us a thinking mind. Run up the stair following Åblel and lock closed any and all doors or hatches. Preferably by throwing levers, those are harder to unlock.

Good ideas, but remember we are dealing with something that has murdered the population of a whole planet. A door isn’t stopping that thing and Åblel doesn’t know what we’re dealing with, talking is probably our best option.

(Come to think of it, I don’t know if we can talk since we don’t have a mouth...)

You can't talk so you start to disengage.

Your feet are stuck.

Kûbuk's blood is wrapping around your legs and crystallizing.

Matt punches you in the head, fracturing the crystal.

Fight to the bitter end! Snatch the angel's punch and hurl him at the hostile kobold!

You catch Matt's punch

You throw him at the kobold. They collide together and fall to the floor stunned.

as Grawr, try getting Un stunned and then move the blood further up the amethyst’ s legs to catch his arms and keep them pinned to his body, then go around him to the stairs
+1Again, let’s try and drag him along as a blood puppet but if it’s too slow we can just leave him here.
yes, if we engulf him in blood we can move him, like how if you were in a suit of armor and the armor gets possessed, you would move as the armor does, as you are part of it

You pull blood out of the dwarf and wrap it around the amethyst man.

There is a flash of white light as the blood absorbs into the amethyst man's body.

A voice emenates from the amethyst man. "8091bbf92a2e00a..." It goes on citing random numbers and letters.

That head shape looks similar to Clara IV. It might just fit in that brain area.
+1 for Clara
+1, try placing Clara IV within the blood jewel man
+1 New companion!
Bye amethyst dude, your brain will be erased so my robo-gal can kill your mentor with your body

You raise the data crystal towards the amethyst man. The gem pulls out of your hand and zips toward it before merging into it's body.

"Reformatting..." The voice says and the cracks in it's head slowly seal.

Suddenly, the amethyst man jolts into a more natural position.

"Hello!" Clara's voice emanates from the crystalline body.

"That was fast." She looks down at the corpse. "Oh dear."