Page 5 Berserk

You finish off your engraving with an image of Litast Sweetsculpt the giant, Brafadfrayrnus the kobold, Flofobolober the kobold and Bobolopilgis the kobold.

Litsat Sweetsculpt is in a fetal position. Brafadafrayrbus is laughing. Flofobolober is striking a triumphant pose. Bobolopilgis is striking a menacing pose. This image relates to the striking down of Litsat Sweetsculpt the Gleam of Dominating in the year 210.

Congratulations you are now an Expert Engraver!

A groove in the wood is soft, and tiny slit creates a peek hole.

You peak through your tiny peek hole.

"Vat is in ze barrel?"

What would attract the least attention is whatever our dwarf/elf are just about to tell the official, right? So maybe we ought to sound like something sitting waiting, still to be described, rather than it risk sounding like the barrel full of flour sacks is infested with vermin...

You cover the peek hole and wait for your cue.

Bembul mumbles "hrmmmf grrmmm Shells hhrmmm"

"Zer are no schells in zis fortress..." replies the dwarf with the clipboard.

Aweme says, "It's honey. We are just bringing this fruit and honey to the stills."

You try to sound like honey.

"Ve have no time for zis. Somesing triggered ze fortress defenses and killed a dog. Cog, escort zem to ze burrows."

Bembul mutters, "Shells, I need shells."

"And keep a close eye on ze dwarf."

There is silence except the rumbling of the wheelbarrow and Bembul's mumbling. The voices in your head are hard to block out now.

You wonder how tall this rampcase is. Rampcase. Is that a word in Dwarven?

You mind has wandered from etymology to epistemology. How do we know anything at all. What if you are, like, just some character in an elaborate engraving on a wall. Your purpose would be predetermined by the engraver of the engraving. Any effort to shape your future would be pointless as it is already set in literal stone. You would be like a minecart stuck on rails going down an infinite ramp into the abyss...

It has been at least a forty five minutes since you started down the ramp. Bembul starts chanting the word shells.

"Will you shut up about the shells mate. We are nearly to the bottom but you're driving me bonkers." You assume that is Cog speaking.

The wheelbarrow suddenly stops moving.

Press [ I ] and look in your bag again. Maybe you missed something last time, and that something was any kind of shell.
(Of course you didn't miss anything but you just needed to check)

Create shells with the power of your mind! (Discreetly)


But if this doesn't work, Wait for him to go Berserk and then tip the barrel over and roll away down a ramp.

No shells to be found and your mind powers fail to create any shells.


As Bembul goes Berserk you roll right out of the wheelbarrow.


You are stunned. A loud siren fills your ears.

Hide behind the barrel on the left!

You are no longer stunned but you are still feel stunning! You hide behind the barrels and assess your surroundings.

Where are all the dwarves?

You start to hear a wooshing sound coming from the rampcase.

The ground strikes the Axedwarf and the injured part explodes into gore!

There is an Axe! Acquire Axe.
Take Axe and duck behind a different barrel.
Take Axe, look for the one who threw the axeman off the staircase, THEN duck behind a barrel.
Take Axe, lick the fluid coming out of the barrel, look for who threw the axeman off the staircase, THEN duck behind a barrel.
Take Axe, lick the fluid coming out of the barrel, look for who threw the axeman off the staircase, THEN duck behind a barrel. Then proceed to eat one of your snacks, if you have any left.

+1, but instead of ducking behind a barrel you should instead vacate the area immediately. Bembil proobably shoved an axedwarf off on his way down here.

It tastes like dwarven rum.

You acquire the axe and eat the last of your mantis jerky.

So to the door on the left over past the ramp. It risks detection via those moving on the ramp but should be the safest area by method of visual examination. It has the least windows and therefore the least chance of being occupied by angry face-kicking dwarves.

You make a mad dash for that particular tunnel.