Page 6 Catacombs

The tunnel leads to a staircase.

The air down here feels a little colder.

All of this is extremely prudent. I, however, have an overdeveloped sense of greed.
loot and scoot.

The voice of greed in our head sounds like it's convincing the voice of prudence.

Come to think of it, that one order-giving dwarf said that something had triggered an alarm and killed a dog, so everyone was supposed to be in burrows. They're probably not doing burials during the emergency with whatever that big scary thing is. So we should have plenty of time to check for interesting clues and useful items shiny goodies.

Those tablets are probably written in complex runes that as a dabbling reader we wouldn't understand anyway. But maybe we can improve our skill?

(And with our engraving skill we could leave behind some kobold wisdom for the dwarves to find. Such as an illustrated guide to sneaking, e.g. successive pictures of us performing a flawless dodge and roll.)

The tablets are blank. You find three gold coins to loot and a chisel!

You engrave all three steps of a sneak-dodge-roll maneuver onto one of the tablets.

Succession Engraving Time

You are about to finish filling the tablet when you hear noise coming from the staircase.

Are we able to hide between the rafters on the ceiling like a ninja? If so, we should do that.

You would do this but the rafters are to far apart. :(

hide in the stone coffin

You hide in the first place you can find which is the broken stone coffin.

Someone has entered the catacombs.

But you make it inside before you are spotted.

For now I suppose all we can vote for is GRAB THAT AMULET.

You grab the amulet and hang it from your neck. You brace yourself for a surge of hulkish power but nothing seems to happen. Strange...

You hear the dwarf's foot steps become fainter so you take a peak.

The bandana clad dwarf has gone deeper into the catacombs.

Carefully sneak behind the dwarf to try to see what he is doing, then possibly return to your mission of helping them deal with the elaborate defenses around the lab.
LEAVE IMMEDIATELY do we have any reason to be in here aside from hiding from the murderfest happening upstairs, no sarcasm? That's probably been dealt with.

You sneak to the next hallway to check on the dwarf.

Um... Okay then. It doesn't look like this tunnel leads to the labs. Maybe it's time to head back.