Page 7 The Spicy Olive

You sneak-dodge-roll back up the stairs.

You only now noticed that the alarm has stopped.

First thing's first. We need better cover than a few lumps of cave moss and microcline. We must pass as a traveling performer on our way to The Spicy Olive.

Tie a string to the axe to make a kludujalambus.*

**A mid-sized hand-held stringed instrument with a wooden neck connecting to a metal body. The string is tied from the top of the neck down over the body and the musician picks the string with a wooden plectrum. The instrument has a one octave range going from a middle to a mid-high pitch. The instrument has a quavering harsh nasal buzzy timbre.

You do have some string in your bag.

One of the axe heads is getting in the way so you pry it off with your sharp rock. You tie on the string and, voilĂ , you have a kludujaliambus.

You feel like now would be a good chance to try out the new cover identity mechanic. You smear some cave moss on your skin and don a mushroom hat.

Now you can probably pass as a lizard man bard!

You walk to The Spicy Olive and no one has kicked you in the face yet. This disguise might actually be working! You get some xp in Disguise.

You hear some commotion on the other side of the door. You take a peek.

This is the most people you have seen in one spot since you left The Caves. There are dwarves eating and drinking while a human performer sings and dances. Seeing food makes you realize how hungry you are.

Offer carvings of food for actual food. And if that doesn't work carve some counterfeit currency and use that.


Be sure to scoot on your way over to the bar.

You scoot toward the bar while keeping a hold of your hat. While scooting you over hear an argument between two dwarves.

"-or it's straight to the fight arena with you."

The other dwarf groans. He says something but you can't quite make out the words.

be adopted by cat

You carve near the cat who seems to have some sort of allergy problem.

Near the completion of your cheese you hear someone shout behind you.

"Oi! Defacing public property? Explain yourself!"

OK, OK, stand aside for the CHEESE, and when everyone is distracted by your MASTERFUL engraving work, Kick the Guard in the party, grab the shield and run!

You stand aside and let your engraving speak for itself.


You make it to the adamantine shield!

The champion laughs and throws aside his sword.
The chanpion grabs your right lower arm with his left lower arm!

The champion locks your right elbow with his left lower arm!

The champion bends your right lower arm with his left lower arm and the right elbow collapses!
A ligament in the right elbow has been torn!

The mayor grabs the shield. The pain is so bad you can't keep a hold of it anyways.
The mayor punches you in the jaw with his right hand.

Some of the blood got on your pendant. It starts to vibrate and become hot against your chest.

The vibrations moves into your chest itself. You feel the blood flowing through your body. You start to feel the blood flowing through the dwarves bodiese too... Everything is BLOOD.