Page 8 Hemomancy

You regain consciousness after an unknown amount of time.

Your disguise has been washed off and your belongings are gone, besides your loincloth. A raised scar is on your chest where the amulet was. Your right arm hanngs useless at your side.

The sensation of blood moving through your veins still gives you a headache but you are starting to get used to it. You sense a faint aura from the blood on the ground and another aura from the other side of the prison bars.

The cat sneezes.

Use your new hemomancer powers and raise the pile of blood into a minion. Send said minion out to search for the lever that opens the bars to the cell. Use blood within the cat for extra building material for the minion if need be.

You concentrate on moving the blood on the ground and it starts to bubble.

After some practice you get it into the shape of a minion! You are now a NOVICE HEMOMANCER

However, it seems it only looks like a minion. As soon as you stop concentrating on holding that shape it it turns back into a pool of blood.

Animate a speck of blood and move it in front of the cat like a laser pointer

Very +1

You spend some time experimenting with hemomancy. Although you can sense it's presence, you can't do anything to the blood in your body or the cats body. You can only move the spilled blood around. Atleast for now. You are now an adequate hemomancer.

After several hours pass the bars slide open

A guard knocks on the wall with his mace. "Come on. Get up. Time for training."

Direct blood laser pointer onto the face of whoever is unlucky enough to walk by. There's virtually no way that they can know it's you doing it. That is, unless you're doing some kind of hand movements to do the magic, which would suck.

You direct the blazer pointer at the guards face.

Check inventory and stats.

dodgeroll out of the cell, and then pose dramatically.

You show off your dodging skills and follow the guards.

You go down some stairs to the first floor of prison cells and toward a passage way.

The guard says "You have two hours before the fight. You can train with the equipment here." There are screw pumps, a stockpile of leather armor and a rack of wooden training weapons.